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Schedule Submission

At CWU it is a requirement to submit a copy of your schedule each quarter you would like to utilize your VA Education benefits.  This form will allow you to do that.  Please make sure that the classes you are registered for meet CWU degree requirements on your advisor student report.  If the classes are not required they will not be reportable to the VA.  If you are taking a class that is a course substitute please have your advisor email the Veterans Center so your course can be approved.  Follow the class list submission format that is provided.  If you do not follow this format it could cause a delay in your enrollment certification. 

Schedule Submissions changes coming soon beginning Spring 2018.

Thank You,
Veterans Center Staff

(Last, First)
Are you graduating the quarter you are submitting this schedule?
List major/s that you are pursuing
If you do not have a minor just write in NA

Please review process below:

1. We will process enrollment information to the VA before the following quarter starts as soon as we receive student schedule submissions.

2. Once a student has submitted their schedule and enrollment information has been reported to the VA, a registration hold will be placed on the student’s account.

3. Students who need to make changes to their schedules must contact the Veterans Center to release the hold.  This is to ensure that schedule adjustments are reported to the VA.

We want to encourage students to submit a schedule once the student believes it is finalized There are a few situations when a student may want to wait until submitting a schedule to our office.

• If a student is wait listed for a course(s) – the registration hold will prevent students from being added to the course without contacting our office first to release the hold.

• If a student is currently enrolled in a course that requires a certain grade to progress to the next course in the series and the student is not sure they will meet the requirement.  We recommend waiting until grades are posted, so that students can make adjustments as necessary.

*Students under Post 9/11 Chapter 33 benefits will not see payments posted to their account until after the add/drop period of the quarter.  If a student drops all their courses before the add/drop period, tuition payments must be sent back to the VA.

By entering my full name, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above stated terms for the Revised Schedule Submission Process.
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