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University Advancement

A Letter from Scott Wade, Executive Director of University Advancement

The Department of University Advancement seeks partnerships with individuals, foundations, and corporations in order to create support for CWU in the form of scholarships, grants, sponsorships, and more. University Advancement is the home of the Office of Alumni Relations and the CWU Foundation. University Advancement embraces alumni and friends of the university and encourages financial investment and participation in the life of the university.

We're all proud of the unique brand of nationally recognized, hands-on education that Central Washington University has delivered for more than 120 years. Every time I meet with alumni and business leaders, I am reminded of the tremendous impact that this great institution has had on its students, faculty, alumni and friends. 

We stand united, with a bold conviction and common belief --- that what CWU stands for must be both protected and nurtured, for even greater growth, greater influence and greater relevance in the years and decades to come. 

That belief, that conviction, must be acted upon in order for CWU to realize its truest potential and its greatest impact in our community and in the hearts and minds of the students who enter CWU’s doors for an education, but leave empowered for greatness.

The strength of this university lies in its family--the alumni, partners, students, and employees who have made us great.  You are Central’s greatest resource and greatest ambassadors. We’re asking  you to turn your belief in Central into action.

We want to celebrate life's milestones with you and share them with Wildcat Nation. Tell us what you’ve been up to and how CWU prepared you for the life you're leading.  Tell us what kinds of events we can sponsor to connect you to your department, alumni in your field, and old friends. We want your feedback, your involvement, your partnership—to help lead and propel Central forward.

If CWU is going to achieve all that it intends in the coming years and if we are to create opportunity for students to experience the transformational education that Central provides, we all need to pull together.  

Much has been made of the decrease in state support and the corresponding increase in tuition.  While that’s all very real and unfortunately very true – I’ve honestly grown tired of talking about it.   From my experience, no one wants to give to a problem or a shortfall or a budget gap.

Instead, we’re asking you to give to create opportunity.  Your gift, no matter how big or small, will literally change the trajectory of a student’s life. A CWU education equips graduates to live a life of great purpose, intention and influence—regardless of the field or profession that they choose.

Tell your friends that you've turned your belief in Central Washington University into action—and challenge them to do the same.  

Update. Give. Share. It’s as simple and as powerful as that. 


You are Central. And we are both encouraged and empowered by your support.

Scott Wade, Executive Director
CWU University Advancement