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Office of Undergraduate Research

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Office of Undergraduate Research

OUR Research and Scholarship Support

The Office of University Student Research (OUR) sponsors workshops throughout the year as well as courses that students can enroll in for credit. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops.

Upcoming OUR Events

Weekly Scholarship and Research Tea:

Fridays 12-1pm, starting July 1.

This summer, join a academic tradition: weekly scholarship and research tea.    

When? Fridays, 12:00--1:00pm 

Dates: Starting July 1 - Aug 19 

Where? Library 290-B (the new OUR Office)

How? We have snacks and beverages. Join us and share your scholarly accomplishments for the week.  During these sessions we will: 

  • Share and celebrate the academic discoveries students have made over the week. 
  • Share resources to motivate continued work individually while we are physically isolated. 
  • Share anecdotes about our work. 


Bi-Weekly GRAD Camp (Graduates Creating Applications for More Professional Experiences)

Wednesdays 11am-noon, starting June 28

This summer, attend Grad-CAMP and prepare applications for post-graduation jobs and graduate programs.  

Where: Library 152 

When: 11:00am- noon (Pacific)  every-other Wednesday (July 13, July 27, Aug 17*) 

What? During these sessions we will:

  • Discuss professional opportunities during school and post-graduation (pre recorded) 

  • Discuss Summer preparation timeline (Pre recorded) 

  • Make a list of programs to apply for post-graduation (July 13)

  • Review our post-graduation application materials including personal essay and CV (July 29, Aug 17) 

  • Create a Fall timeline for finding letter writers and finalizing your materials (Aug 17) 

Learn more about resources available to support your professional work here




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