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Presenting, performing, and publishing

Presenting your work is a critical part of the research experience: you receive feedback on the work you've done, get ideas from others about how to modify or improve, and give others the opportunity to benefit from your work.

The ways people present their work varies by discipline, and may include:

  • A gallery exhibit in fine arts
  • A performance in music or dance
  • A reading of creative writing
  • An oral presentation of a historical study
  • An oral or poster presentation of a scientific study
  • A demonstration of an engineered or constructed object
  • A published paper

Talk to your faculty mentor and others in your discipline about what is most appropriate for your work.

Opportunities at CWU

The annual Symposium Of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) in May is an excellent opportunity to present your research, scholarly work, and creative activities. 

You can also take advantage of ScholarWorks @ CWU, the institutional repository for scholarly contributions. 


Academic conferences provide an important opportunity to share your research, develop professional skills as you explain your methodology and respond to questions, and receive valuable feedback on your work.  Conferences also allow you to see what your peers are researching, network, and gain a valuable experience to highlight on a resume or graduate school application.

Talk to your faculty mentor and other professors about regional, national, and international opportunities to present your work. They will be knowledgeable about conferences in your discipline, and how to participate.


If your research, scholarship, or creative experience culminates in a paper, you might consider submitting it to a journal for publication. Your faculty mentor will have recommendations about where to submit your work. The Central-sponsored, peer-reviewed International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities is one such option for undergraduates in all academic disciplines. Click here for an excellent guide for students interested in publishing their academic work: Publishing Your Student Research .

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