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Office of Undergraduate Research

Research and Professional Development Club

CWU's Research and Professional Development Club was founded in 2015. Their goal is to provide peer-to-peer mentoring in research and scholarly work at CWU, including all of the campuses. If you would like to learn more, please email us.

Student Research Resources

High-performance computing for student/faculty projects & SOURCE 

  • CWU has a the CWU high performance computing sub-network that is available to accept research/project work from the CWU faculty,staff, and students. The system provides a number of OpenSource compilers, libraries and tools, which include GNU C/C++/Fortran compilers, LAPACK and ATLAS linear algebra packages, the PARI/GP mathematical package, the R statistical package, the NCL/NCARgraphics application and the WRF Weather Forecaating and Research Model application. In addition, some researchers and project teams have created their own application/tool environments within their private user-space.

  • Contact: Bill Glessner 

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