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Office of Undergraduate Research

Student FAQ

Who can apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship?

Any student who is admitted to a degree program and is conducting research, scholarship, or a creative activity with a faculty mentor can apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship.  Fellowships provide up to $500 for budgeted supplies, equipment, or travel to complete an individual project or up to $1200 for a group project. You do not need to apply for all the available funds. Projects in any discipline can apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship. You must have a faculty mentor endorse the project and write a letter of support for the application.

Why are they called Undergraduate Research Fellowships if they can also be used for scholarship or creative activities?

The Office of Undergraduate Research interprets "research" to be any co-curricular or extra-curricular activity that contributes to student learning and involves the direct application of principles within the field of study.  Given the wide range of disciplines and student interests at Central, it is only fitting that the Office of Undergraduate Research supports all forms of student inquiry.

Who can apply for an Undergraduate Travel Fellowship?

Any student who is admitted to a degree program and is presenting their work in a professional venue can apply for funds to help offset the costs of travel. Only presenting authors can apply for an Undergraduate Travel Fellowship. Funds can provide up to $500 for costs incurred (e.g., hotel, airfare, conference fees) for individuals or up to $1500 for groups of more than two presenters. Applicants must submit verification that their work has been accepted for presentation and must have a letter of support from a faculty mentor.

Can I apply for a Fellowship after I have already completed the work or gone to the conference?

Only if you have communicated your intention to the Director of Undergraduate Research via email and received permission.  If you plan to attend a conference prior to the posted application deadlines, you can submit your application prior to your travel and it will be considered in the next round of applications.

Why do I have to submit the original and eight (8) copies of my Fellowship application?

All applications are reviewed by the Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee which consists of faculty members from the College of the Sciences, College of the Arts & Humanities, and College of Education & Professional Studies.  Each member of the Committee requires a full copy of each Fellowship application for review.

How does the Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee decide which applications to fund?

All aspects of the applications are important and are considered by the Committee when determining which applications are meritorious.  For Undergraduate Research Fellowships, the project description must be clear and complete.  For Undergraduate Travel Fellowships, student statements regarding their part in the presentation and how the presentation enhances their personal scholarship in their program of study are particularly important.  For both applications, budget details and faculty support must be included.  Lastly, university budget constraints can, at times, impact the number or extent of funding provided for fellowships.

I have received an Undergraduate Fellowship.  When do the funds have to be used by?

Undergraduate Research and Travel Fellowships must be spent by the end of the fiscal year in which they were provided. The CWU fiscal year ends in June.  All fellowships not spent by the end of the fiscal year will revert back to the Office of Undergraduate Research. Should a student require an extension, he or she can either reapply in one of the next year's opportunities for application or seek an extension on a case-by-case basis. If students receive a fellowship after they have expended funds for travel, they may be reimbursed for those expenses for which they have kept receipts.