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Incorporating SOURCE into your teaching

We encourage faculty who teach courses during spring quarter to incorporate attending SOURCE into their course schedule. Here are some options for how to do so:

  • Have a required assignment that includes SOURCE attendance
  • Incorporate a discussion about the keynote speaker(s) presentation into your course and require students to attend, watch the live-streamed version, or watch the video posted after the event.
  • Give credit or other encouragement for students to participate in SOURCE as volunteers.

An example required assignment

There are several possibilities for including SOURCE as an assignment in your course. Here is one example from a geology course that could easily be adapted for any course.

SOURCE write-up

SOURCE takes place on Thursday, May xx. We will not have class that day, so you are free to go to SOURCE during our regular class time plus any other times you have free. Your assignment for this class is to talk to at least four students presenting posters (1-2 can be oral presentations) in the geosciences and respond to the following questions for each:

  • What is the name of the presenter, his or her department or program, and the title of his/her presentation?
  • Briefly describe the research the person is doing.
  • Talk a bit about your reaction to the research: What did you think was interesting? What did you learn that you didn't know before? What questions did you ask the presenter, or what questions do you still have about the research?
  • Now reflect a bit on the presentation itself. What did the presenter do well? What could he or she have done better?

The whole thing should be no more that ~600 words, about ~150 for each presenter. Please upload a Word document (or PDF) in Canvas.

If you have example assignments that you are willing to share, please contact us - we are happy to post them here.

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