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Office of Undergraduate Research

Past Grant Recipients

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2016-2017 Academic Year Awards

Research Grant Recipients




Project Title

Allison Kendle

Kathleen Barlow


On The Nature of Non-Roma Constructions and Perceptions of Roma Identity

Edward Magner, Roberto Rodriguez

Levente Fabry-Asztalos


Toward the synthesis of 1-(2-benzyl-3-hydroxy-1,3-azaborine-1-yl) ethanone, potential HIV1 protease inhibitor

Jacob Rothschild

Michael Braunstein


Demonstrating the Theory of Special Relativity

Jaegger Olden

Gabrielle Stryker

Biology/Clinical Physiology

Prevalence of Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain

Spotted Fever in the Tick Population of Kittitas County

Jennifer Marsh

Maya Zeller

Professional and Creative Writing

Working Title Memoir

Kristin Ashley

Carla Jellum

Recreation, Tourism, and Events

Understanding Agritourism Development in Kittitas County

Sierra Hoover

Levente Fabry-Aztalos


Synthesis of 3-diisopropylamine-1,3-azabrine Compound as a Potential HIV-1 Protease Inhibitor

Travel Grant Recipients




Project Title

Alexis Springer, Sarah Guel, Sonia Magana, Abbie Sandel

Amy Claridge

Family Studies

Exposure to Conflict in Childhood and Later Substance Use

Alicia Brito

Jamie Gilbert

Non-Profit Organization Management

Engaging Undergraduate Students in Research: Sharing High Impact Practices and Outcomes with Students, Staff, and Faculty

Amanda Baggett, Tom Albertson, Bonnie Blanchard, Keenan Dolan, Nate Heard, Josh Johnson, Katie Kibota, Theo Olson, Holly Osborne

Gayla Blaisdell

Music: Vocal Performance

Opera Performance in the Live Final Round of a National Competition

David Farr

Alison Scoville

Biology: Biomedical Science

Development of Software for Genome Sequence Analysis

Erin Rautenberg, Madison Robbin, Kurtis Kelly, Roni Perez, Kate Mead

Sarah Feeney

Family Studies

Impact of Social Media on Family Relationship Satisfaction

Floyd Bull

Sterling Quinn


Banned from mapping: Analyzing OpenStreetMap User Blocks to Understand Threats to Crowdsourced Data Quality

Gavin Schag

Robert Hickey


UAV Photogrammetry: Structure from Motion Data Evaluation for DEM Applications

Hannah Braunstein

Timothy Beng


Synthesis, Chemical Reactivity, and Medicinal Activity of Novel Chiral Piperdines

Hannah Sikorski

Rex Wirth

Political Science & Public Policy

Can Fishing Regulation Solve the Bycatch Problem?

Jake Funkhouser

Jessica Mayhew

Primate Behavior & Ecology and Psychology

A Captive Chimpanzee Society: Social Structure and Dominance Hierarchy Analyses at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Joshua Bell, Hannah Mowry, Matthew Wentland

John Harbaugh

Music: Performance & Education

National Trumpet Competition

Kamal Qteishat

Rex Wirth

Political Science & Public Policy

Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Policy for Washington State

Katie Hovenkotter

Timothy Beng


Expedient and modular access to [6,5]- and [6,6]-2-azabicyclic morpholinones by iron- or palladium-catalyzed intramolecular coupling of vicinally functionalized alcohol-bearing allylic lactams

Kayla Thomas

David Gee

Food Science and Nutrition

Obesity and Related Risk Factor Prevalence Among Ethnic Groups in the United States

Miranda Anderson

Michael Mulcahy

Social Services

Socioeconimic Segregation and the Location of Assisted Living Facilities in WA State

Miranda Lehman

Chris Mattinson


Metamorphic evolution of a kyanite eclogite, North Qaidam terrane, western China

Molly Mortensen

Ian Williamson


Pornography in Self-Esteem and Relationships

Naomi Olson, Darian Evans, Nicole Moss, Doug Focht, Sam Spicer, Evan Hagen, Amanda McDaniel, Zach Petty, Solveig Dahl, Ian Monahan, Jessica Henkle, Amie Haldeman, Sophie Mortensen, Gabrielle Charles

Jeffrey Snedeker


Northwest Horn Symposium

Natalie Levesque

Clay Arango

Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary Specialization

Biofilm Community Response in Western Spruce Budworm Affected Streams

Paul Hartl

Rex Wirth

Political Science and Public Policy

Preservation Plan for Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Tatiana Kruse, Jessica Reid, Aly Henniger

Gayla Blaisedell

Music: Vocal Performance & Choir Certification

Creative Performance in the NOA Collegiate Opera Scenes Competition

Viktoriya Broyan

Wendy Williams


Increased Local and Distant Color Distractor Effects on Stroop Reaction Times

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