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Office of Undergraduate Research

Past Grant Recipients

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2017-2018 Academic Year Awards


Winter Quarter 2018 Awards

Travel Grant Recipients




Project Title

Blankey, Jordan

O'Mahoney, Geraldine

Religious Studies

Sexuality and the Bible in Modern Christian Churches

Bren, Lisa

Mulcahy, Rachel


Local Resistance to Municipal Neo-Liberalism? Effects of Living Wage Campaigns on Public Sector 

Gill, Jadvir

Buchanan, Tonya


To punish or reward: High power frames influence deception detection

Gonzalez, Benito

Quinn, Sterling


Investigating the use of free and open source software (FOSS) for GIS in Latin America by analyzing public-sector websites

Jamtaas, Jessica

Herman, Dan


Abolitionist Feminists: The Grimké Sisters and the Anti-Slavery Struggle in 1830's America

Matrinez, Jazmine

Buchanan, Tonya


What's in a Smile? How Power Influences Judgements of Smile Authenticity
Mendoza, JuanLinhart, Jean MarieMathematicsModeling Hisotric Global Human Population
Webster, JeanetteQuitadamo, IanBiomedicineA Paradigm Shift in Concussion Management at Central Washington University
Young, FreddieHenessy, JudySociologyMost Influential Factors in Young African American Women;s Decision to Attend College
Cottle, Hannah and GroupDuplessis, EmilyPublic Relations and PolicyEconomic Impact of Student-Run Public Relations Firm
Monahan, Ian and GroupSnedeker, JeffreyMusic EducationUniversity Horn Ensemble Performance

Research Grant Recipients




Project Title

Dykstra, Kaitlyn

Thomas, Carin


Determining the best assay for detecting cell death after a toxicant insult

Lawrence, Chance

Braunstein, Michael


Testing Relativistic Kinematics Using Compton Scattering

McAdams, Catherine

Sheeran, Lori

Primate Behavior and Ecology

Tibetan Macaque (Macaca thibetana) Investigative Behaviors Toward Camera Traps in Mt. Huangshan, China

Moynihan, Caitlin

Stryker, Gabrielle

Molecular and Cellular Biology

DNA sequencing to determine the phylogenetic relationship of two Chagas Disease vectors found in Western Mexico

Edwards, Mikeisha and Group

Graham, Eric

Food Science and Nutrition

Investigating the Leavening and Sensory Qualities of Bread made with Alternative Strains of Brewing Yeast


Fall Quarter 2017 Awards

Travel Grant Recipients

Student(s)MentorSubjectProject Title
Hannah BartaBrandy WiegersMathematicsStudy of Vortex Dynamics in Free-Surface Flows
Kala BrownDarci SnowdenPhysicsPressure Valve for a High-Altitude Balloon
Clairissa De La VergneBreanyn MacInnesGeologyIdentifying the Source of Anomalous Sand Deposits in Joseph Whidbey State Park, Whidbey Island, WA
Nicole JohnsonErin CraigPhysicsAddressing the Gap in Tactile Graphic Resources: Current and Future Projects
Daniel MongovinJeff LeeGeologyCalculating the Vertical Offset of the Borah Peak Fault Scarp Using Contemporary Digital Methods
Morgan SchimelfenigYingbing GeChimistryQuantum Mechanical Study of the Dehydrogenation of Ethane Catalyzed by Iridium and Rhodium Clusters.
Michael Alvernaz, Anthony PerezAnne EggerGeologyWhat Earth Science Literacy Principles Could Mean for the Professional Development of Teachers and the Future of the New York Regents Exams


Research Grant Recipients

Student(s)MentorSubjectProject Title
Steven SpencerPat LubinskiAnthropologyFaunal Analysis of Unit U0E of the Grissom Site (45KT301)
Adam WasserstromBenjamin WhitePhysicsUsing Electrical Transport Measurements to Investigate the Classical Critical Behavior in the Magnetic Phase Transition of Nickel
William ErisBenjamin WhitePhysicsSynthesis and Low-Temperature Behavior of the Strongly-Correlated Electron Compounds La2RuO5 and La4Ru6O19
Jani JasenovecBenjamin WhitePhysicsInvestigation of the System Ca3Co2-xMnxO6 via Measurements of Thermodynamic Properties
Jordan RyckmanKristina ErnestBiologyThe Evaluation of Pika Haypiles as a Resource for Other Small Mammals near Snoqualmie Pass
Rachel Latsis, Katia Hawley, and Cheyenne SuarezLevente Fabry-AsztalosChemistryExploratory Synthesis Towards Azaborines as Potential HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors.


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