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Office of Undergraduate Research

About OUR Presentation and Research Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research supports undergraduate students through small grants for travel, research and creative expression. All currently enrolled students at any CWU campuses are eligible. 

Students who are funded through the Office of Undergraduate Research are required to present their work at SOURCE. 

*New for 2020* Virtual Presentation Grants 

Previously OUR has funded Travel Grants are available to support undergraduate students to travel to a conference to present their work or to perform. For 2020-2021 these grants will be modified to fund students presenting at virtual presentation events.

  • Individual students can request up to $300.
  • Groups of two or more students can request up to $600.
  • The student(s) must be the lead author(s) on the work and be the main presenter in order to be eligible.
  • Deadlines: 5:00 pm, October 21 and February 
  • Eligible travel expenses include:
    • ​Registration
    • Mileage (if driving a personal vehicle)
    • Airfare
    • Ground transportation (shuttle to/from airport)
    • Per diem (food and lodging)
    • Consider and include estimated taxes  
  • Note: Students may apply for the grant after the travel has already occurred.
  • How to apply

Research & Creative Expression Grants

Grants are available to undergraduate students engaged in mentored projects to cover costs associated with research, scholarship, or creative activities. The College of the Sciences (COTS) provides a portion of the funding for research grants that go to students working with faculty mentors on projects in COTS.

  • Individual students can request up to $750.
  • Groups of two or more students can request up to $1500.
  • Faculty and staff mentors are limited to a maximum of $1500 of research funding for their students per academic year.
  • Deadlines: 5:00 pm, the first Wednesday of November and February
  • Eligible research expenses include (but are not limited to):
    • Equipment (which will remain the property of the university)
    • Materials and supplies (chemicals, sample bags, art supplies, etc.)
    • Travel to conduct research (e.g., travel to a lab to analyze samples)
    • Consider and included estimated taxes and shipping costs 
  • Expenses that are not eligible include:
    • Xeroxing/copying of documents on campus
    • Financial incentives or reimbursement of human research participants
    • Expenses for research that is part of standard coursework
  • How to apply

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