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Attending SOURCE

Student attending SOURCE

We encourage you to attend SOURCE, even if you aren't presenting. Here are five reasons why:

  • Find out what your friends are doing: Even if you aren't presenting, you probably know someone who is. Have you been wondering what they are doing in that biology lab, or during rehearsal, or in the library, or what they've been building? Now is your chance to find out.
  • Get inspired: Not sure what you want to major in, or pursue after you are done with school? Learn from your fellow students and alumni what kinds of things you can do.
  • Learn something new: Students from all disciplines at CWU are presenting their research, creative activities, and scholarly work. Are you a biology major? Talk to someone in fashion design. Musician? Talk to an archaeologist. Find out what's going on across campus.
  • Get credit: Many faculty require students in their courses to attend part of SOURCE and talk to presenters and have an assignment associated with SOURCE.
  • Network: SOURCE includes alumni panels, judges who are professionals in their field, keynote presenters, and sponsors from businesses and non-profits around the state. There are lots of opportunities to talk with these folks and learn more about career opportunities.


SOURCE Etiquette

We design SOURCE to be an opportunity for professional development for presenters and attendees alike. As an attendee, we ask you to act professionally as well. Here are some tips for attending SOURCE and maintaining a high level of professionalism:

  • Attend an entire session rather than a single talk.
  • Don't enter or leave the room in the middle of an oral presentation - it can be very distracting for the presenter.
  • Stop and talk to poster presenters! If you don't know what to say, start with, "Tell me about your work." Listen carefully to the response, and ask questions as you go.
  • Thank presenters and compliment them on their work.
  • Have fun!

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