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Office of Undergraduate Research

For Alumni

We welcome participation from CWU alumni in SOURCE. Here are some ways you can participate:

Want to share what you do?
Be on a panel.

Many departments and programs invite groups of alumni to give panel presentations to current students about jobs and acareers. This helps students see how their degree connects them to the workforce. If you are interested in talking to students about your job or career path, please contact us or a current faculty member in your degree department or program.

Want to support today's students in your field?
Be a judge.

Judges assess at least six student presentations, give feedback to the students, and (as appropriate) nominate student presenters for awards. Judging gives you a chance to have in-depth conversations with a few students and support them in their development as scholars and professionals in their field.

If you are interested in judging, please volunteer to judge.

Want to see all of the amazing student work going on around CWU?
Come to SOURCE or Westide SOURCE.

Students from all disciplnes and all campuses participate in SOURCE. There is a huge variety of posters, oral presentations, creative performances, creative and constructed objects, and panel discussions.You can see a fashion show, engineering design products, result of experiments in our laboratories, literary analyses, music and dance performances, business case studies - all under one roof in one event.

Find out more about dates and locations and attending SOURCE.

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