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Chris Liu









Chris Liu is the director of the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. He has also served in several leadership positions in government the last twelve years including the Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, Washington State Lottery and Liquor Control Board.

Previous to government service Chris has had a thirty-year career in executive positions. As a retail strategist with Wal-Mart International, he helped establish Wal-Marts and Sam's Clubs worldwide. Previous to his work at Wal-Mart, Chris worked in venture capital as a retail specialist with the Southland Corporation, d/b/a, 7-Eleven Food Stores. At Southland, Chris worked in sales and real estate and was part of the Olympic venue development team where he helped determine venues for corporate-sponsored events.

Chris is a native of Hawaii, but has traveled the world as his father served in the military. He has lived in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Canada, Spain, and Italy, as well as the United States. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from the University of Hawaii. He is a Navy Veteran who enjoys swimming, surfing, cycling and flying.

His six-year term on the CWU BOT will continue through September 2018.

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