CWUNewsNews Weekend 2014, 17 Mar 2014 13:16:01<p>Family Weekend 2014 tickets are available for purchase! Just click on the link below to register and buy your tickets now! <a href="">Register Now!</a></p>Theatre Arts Season Package On Sale, 03 Jul 2013 10:25:59<p>For the tried and true “I’m going to be there” theater patron. Be the first to choose your night, or matinee, then sit back to enjoy the show while taking advantage of a discount on each ticket.<br>In order to take advantage of the season package you must purchase at least 6 of the shows in the upcoming season, which includes tickets to the Main Stage, Studio Series, and partnership productions.<br>You choice the shows and the dates!&nbsp; Parking is FREE on CWU lots after 4:30 and weekends.</p><p><a href=";t=package">Click Here to Purchase Tickets!</a></p>