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Theatre Studies MA Program Welcomes Dramaturgical Scholar

CWU Department of Theatre invites our friends to join us in welcoming Dr. Wade Hollingshaus' and his lecture, “A Political Bowie: The Democracy of His ‘Flux of Doing Stuff’”

When: Thursday, October 23 at 3:00 PM

Where: Shaw-Smeyer Hall, Room 210

Description: Drawing on Jacques Rancière’s recent work on the relationship between politics and aesthetics. Dr. Hollingshaus will offer a new interpretation of David Bowie's cultural significance that emphasizes the artist's deep commitment to democracy when understood and desired as a state of "flux" where each citizen has endless freedom to self-fashion her identity.

About Dr. Hollingshaus:  "Wade Hollingshaus is a member of [Brigham Young Univeristy Theatre and Media Art’s] Critical Studies faculty and the head of Dramaturgy Studies. He is also an affiliate faculty with BYU’s Scandinavian Studies program.

He is a member of the Performance Philosophy research group, and his work has been published in Review: The Journal of Dramaturgy, Theatre Topics, Scandinavian Studies, and The Journal of Finnish Studies. He is the author of Philosophizing Rock Performance: Dylan, Hendrix, Bowie (Scarecrow, 2013). He was recently selected to deliver a Raymond E. and Ida Lee Beckham Lecture in Communications (2014), sponsored by BYU’s Dept. of Communications.


    BA, Theatre Education (Honors), Brigham Young University, 1998

    MA, Scandinavian Studies, University of Washington, 2001

    PhD, Theatre History/Theory/Criticism, University of Minnesota, 2008"

Wade Hollingshaus CV


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