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College of Arts and Humanities

Terri Brown, PhD

DR. TERRI L. BROWN (Assistant Professor, Director of Musical Theatre Studies, History and Literature), award winning stage director, completed her M.A. in Theatre Production at CWU, graduating with honors. Brown completed her Ph.D. at Bowling Green State University "with distinction" and was awarded the departmental dissertation fellowship. Her impressive professional credits prior to returning to academia include a 17-year stint as a recording artist with Nirvana Productions in Los Angeles where she sang, performed, and directed across many entertainment genres including rock videos, television appearances, and commercial and voice over work. She has performed and directed numerous productions of musical theatre, opera, rock videos, and was a singing entertainer and cabaret artist in Reno, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Los Angeles. Brown also toured with musical theatre companies for several years throughout the US and Canada, both as a director and as a performer. Outside of her academic responsibilities, Brown is currently under contract with Edgewater Records in Atlanta, where she continues to work professionally. Her achievements include an invitation to direct Mozart’s The Magic Flute and a musical revue of A Night on Broadway for the Varna Music Festival, which will also include taking the CWU Musical Theatre BFA students on a cultural exchange performing tour of Varna, Rome, Tuscany, and Florence in the summer of 2011.

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