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Stage and Production Management

Course work you should expect to complete if you pursue this focus area.

TH 107 Introduction to Theatre 
TH 144 Foundations of Acting 
TH 166 Theory of Play Production 
TH 201 Dance Production 
TH 261 Costume Technology 
TH 266 Theatre Drafting 
TH 267 Scene Technology
TH 268 Lighting Technology 
TH 303 Management Application
TH 332 New Play Production 
TH 340 Introduction to Theatre Design 
TH 353 Stage Properties
TH 356 Stage Sound 
TH 360 Stage Management 
TH 363 Theatre History I 
TH 364 Theatre History II 
TH 365 Theatre History III 
TH 366 Theatre Rendering 
TH 377 Staging Gender 
TH 383 Contemporary World Drama
TH 393 Theatre Laboratory 
TH 460 Production Management
TH 489 Career & Portfolio Preparation
TH 490 Cooperative Education 
COM 207 Introduction to Comm Studies
COM 251 Small Group Dynamics 
EMS 245 First Aid 
ENG 310 Technical Writing 
FCSA 181 Fashion Show Production 
IET 160 Computer Aided Design & Drafting 
MGT 380 Human Resources 
MUS 143 Introduction to Music Theory 
MGT 380 Organization Management 
SHM 201 Intro to Safety and Health Mgt


Ask a Stage and Production Specialist

This focus area builds specific skills in both management and production leadership with a strong foundation in technical training as well as practical principles used throughout the industry. You will find a broad interdisciplinary approach to a range of courses, both introductory and advanced, from writing and drawing, theory to application.

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