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Rental Policy for Costume and Props

Rental Policy for Costumes and Props
1. Department of Theater Arts rents costumes and props for the following activities:

  • CWU Departments, Student Organizations and Class Projects
  • Community and Regional Theatres
  • Church or Community Organizations
  • High Schools in the Northwest region

2. Procedures
As outlined at 

3. Rates

a) Rental rates are listed on

b) On approval of the department chair a 50% discount of the established rate posted at -Rentals will be provided for CWU Departments, student organization and class projects.

c) Faculty may use the material for their own scholarship without charge.  In the event that faculty are working for an outside venue, theatre, or agent, who is charging a fee for their activity, the faculty member and the department chair will negotiate a rate which meets both the faculty’s scholarship needs and a reasonable fair-market arrangement for rental costs which meets the State Ethics requirements.

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