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Partnership with NUAA






The institutions agree to collaborate on the Program, which will allow students from NUAA to pursue degrees from both CWU and NUAA. The Program will allow qualifying NUAA students to transfer to CWU for the purpose of completing the professional training program Bachelor of Fine Arts-Design and Production Specialization degree from CWU. Students who successfully fulfill the degree requirements of NUAA will also be awarded a Bachelor degree from NUAA.

This is a Fall admission program.

1. Qualified students in the Bachelor degree program at NUAA will attend CWU in year one of the two-year program as a non-matriculated student, after completing three years of study at NUAA. NUAA will award the BA degree at the completion of the first study year at CWU. This first year each student must:

a. Complete the Non-Matriculated Student Application
b. Submit valid proof of English proficiency

i. TOEFL: 71 iBT, 525 PBT
ii. IELTS: minimum 6.0
iii. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements may take English language training through CWU’s University English as a Second Language (UESL) program until they successfully meet minimum proficiency at the student’s own cost.

c. Submit a copy of your Passport, confidential financial form, and Bank Statement with Non-Matriculated Student Application Form to Theatre Arts.

3. Upon completion of the one year of study as a non-matriculated student at CWU NUAA will nominate students for the post-baccalaureate degree on the basis of the below criteria and may deviate from such criteria only under special circumstances. Each nominated student must:

a. have received a BA degree from NUAA;
b. complete the CWU Matriculated Student Online Application
c. complete the Theatre Arts program online screening application which is vetted by the CWU program faculty ( )
d. have a good-to-excellent academic record as demonstrated by a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 out of 5.0 scale, with some flexibility. A GPA of 3.0 in China is 80%, this is equivalent to 3.25 or 81% in the USA.  This is the standard in the Theatre Arts program.

4. NUAA shall be responsible for preliminarily screening and nominating students for the Program, for ascertaining that each nominated student is likely to benefit from a particular course of study, and for providing a list of nominated students to CWU. Nominated students must re-apply for admission to CWU in accordance with the procedures for post-baccalaureate admission and submit by the established deadlines of the year of matriculation all required supporting documents, including—though not necessarily limited to--university undergraduate application for admission, official transcripts and valid proof of sufficient English proficiency. In accordance to university policy, transcripts from all Chinese colleges or universities must be verified by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). Except the NUAA nomination, no other letters of recommendation will be required. CWU will make the final admissions decision with respect to the proposed candidates.


Tuition rates shall be determined by cohort enrollment numbers, with following benchmarks:

a. 1-4 student(s): 100% of non-resident tuition for the academic year enrolled
b. 5-9 students: 90% of non-resident tuition for the academic year enrolled
c. 10+ students 80% of non-resident tuition for the academic year enrolled

Students may be eligible for Talent Waivers offered by the Theatre Arts Department as recruitment incentives in areas of need within the department. These awards can be in addition to the tuition discount for numbers of students attending from NUAA.


1. The CWU Office of International Studies and Programs will assist incoming NUAA students in locating suitable housing accommodations and offer, as appropriate, assistance with registration and advice regarding campus life, health, language, and cultural adjustment. Contact Roslyn Moes.

2. The CWU Office of International Studies and Programs will provide NUAA students with the required documents needed to apply for nonimmigrant visas for their study period in the United States. NUAA students are responsible for paying any costs of obtaining those visas. Contact the Office of International Studies and Programs

3. Qualifying Insurance coverage is required prior to registration. See:

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