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Limited-Residency Summer Professional Development and Enrichment for Teachers of Theatre

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If you are a secondary teacher who produces plays and would like to obtain professional development or enrichment through hands-on courses during the summer, this unique program is for you!

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A unique limited-residency comprehensive program offered primarily for secondary teachers who produce plays. Most courses for this program are presented within the context of the Summer Institute and can lead to and MA in Theatre Production.

This program is specifically designed around your work schedule with courses offered annually from late-June to late-July. Since the Summer Institute for Theatre Arts was established in 1996, teachers representing 27 states and 12 nations have attended this unique limited-residency graduate level program. You can join their ranks and be one of the 40 students here next summer learning new skills to take back to the classroom, making life-long friends and networking with other theatre artists and educators from across the nation and the world, all while earning a degree that will benefit your career. Don't wait another summer!

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