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College of Arts and Humanities


International Theatre Experience (ITE) Certificate

This Certificate program is designed to build on the department and university goals for diverse outreach at regional, national and international venues, through curriculum and extracurricular programming.

Current Programs' Tentative Schedules

Vancouver Canada Fringe

2016 (fall)

London Theatre: Harry Potter and More
2017(Spring Break)

Scenofest of World Stage Design 2017

 Taipei, Taiwan 2017 (Summer )

Information to be posted soon.

Program in the planning stages:
Theatre Traditions of Japan
2018 (spring break)
Prague Quadrennial of Design
2019 (spring break)
Theatre for Social Justice (India)
2020 summer

Participants in these field experiences do not need to be certificate seekers.


Past experiences:

• Shakespeare’s England – 2016 (spring break)
• The Vancouver (Canada) Fringe Festival – 2015 (summer)
• Theatre in Japan - 2013 (spring break)
• Japan’s Theatre traditions – 2010 (spring break)
• Varna (Bulgaria) International Music Festival - 2009 (summer)

Catalog Description and Course Requirements


Course Descriptions

TH 278 International Theatre Experience: Planning Credits: (1)
Preparation and planning for international travel related to the culture, theatre, art and norms of the destination country. Focus on itinerary, logistics, passport/visa requirements, function, procurement, insurance and personal security as related to travel abroad. Fees will be assessed in anticipation of the overall cost of the international experience. May be repeated for credit as topic changes.

TH 478 International Theatre Experience Credits (1-5)
Travel and participation (as performer or audience) at an international theatrical experience in a variety of topics such as Winnipeg Fringe, Shakespeare in the UK, Japan’s Theatre Tradition, Theatre for Social Justice, Prague Quadrennial of Design, or The Theatre of Carnival. Students will apply field research to written analysis and/or presentation during the term of study. May be repeated for credit as topic changes. Perquisite TH 278 in the quarter prior.

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