First Night Circle

Theatre Arts' First Night Circle is made up of individuals like you, organizations, and businesses who love the theatre and want the student artists of the Central Theatre Ensemble (CTE) to receive first-class professional training on stage, backstage and in the classroom.

Our purpose is to support the CTE program at Central Washington University, ensuring that it continues to provide the student body with a quality and progressive education in theatre arts, and the community with innovative and professional quality theatre productions. 

Our goal is to ensure and maintain the artistic quality of CTE productions for CWU, Ellensburg and the surrounding region. The First Night Circle also provides educational program for Northeast theatre goers , supports innovative, creative and challenging theatre productions and most importantly support scholarships for talented students that make our productions possible.

Your contribution to The Circle helps us promote and support a wide range of activities in which CTE is engaged to enrich the cultural life within our community.  The only thing missing is you!

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Donors from the 2013-14 Season

Cindy Adams
Mary Ann Arens
Robert Baele
David Barnett
Jill Bement
David Boushey
Paul Brault
Peggy Bray
Daryl Brown
George Bugallo
Cashmere Valley Bank
Chinmei Chueh
Karen Clark
Ashleigh Combs

Paige Craig
Dakota Cafe
Stephanie Davis
Janet Demorest
Rachel Dreon
Linda Dupar
Victoria Francis
Joan Franklin
Sally Gililand
Shelbi Gilmond
Hampton Inn
Hearthstone Cottage

Antonia Heay Stewart
Andrea Hurson
Gary Hyatt
Britten Johnson
Scott Johnson
William Johnson
Jerome Johnson
Matt Johnson
Davis Kimball
Knudson Lumber
Jessica Kolar
Kathleen Lafetra
Dewain Lien
Gloria Lindstrom
Michael Lofgren
Singson Lori
Pamela Marsh
Kay A Miles
Thea Mounts
Amanda Myers
Elizabeth Penhallegon
Perkins Restaurant
Peter Rampa
Laura Raymaker
Linda Riley
Scott and Pam Robinson
Maria Sanders
Elizabeth Sayre
Danielle Schafer-Cloke
Jessica Simmons
Helen Smith
Lora Stovall
Greg Tudor
Ken Tyler
Uptoia Frozen Yogurt
Andrew Van Den Hoek
Katherine Whitney

2012-13 Season:

Cindy Adams
Gloria Baldi
Cashmere Bank
Maximillion Blake
Peggy Bray
Kimberly Brown
Denise Bugallo
Karen Clark
Gary Colvin
Susan Connolly
Janelle Cummings
William Cutlip
Dakota Cafe
Max Davis
Jacqueline Davis
Anne Denman
Janet Demorest
Douglas Deprekel
Jerald Dougherty
Shanon Dougherty
Lindsay Dougherty
William Dugmore
Martha Duskin-Smith
Deanna Foran
Deborah and Roger Fouts
Christian Gasca
Ellensburg Hampton Inn
Edra Harrison
Hearthstone Cottage
Alex Hensley
Veda Hernandez
Norma Jean Hinkson
Mary Hubbard
Jenna Hyatt
Vonda Jennings
Jorgen Jensen
Matthew Johnson
Carla Katz
Jessica Kolar
Terry Koller
Knutsen  Lumber
Sandra Lillard
Joy Limbaugh
Gloria Lindstrom
Michael Lippman
Sandra Main
Delores Manotti
Kay Miles
Brenda Nass
Reesa Nelson
Perkins Restaurant
Regina Peters
Laura Raymaker
Kim Riordan
Mariah Rocker
Maria Sanders
Susan Scott
Janet Squires
Elizabeth Sustaita
Maddi Turner
Jan Vaughan
Russell Widner
Megan Winter