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Can my Theatre Lab hours count for other things?
Theatre Laboratory hours do not double with any other assignments.  For acting, stage managing, run crew work, design work, master electrician, etc., you may obtain credit through TH Application.

What if I’m a paid student assistant?
The three hours of Theatre Laboratory are not included in the paid weekly time.  Separate time sheet should be used for each.

Assistants are usually paid for ten hours of work per week, where assigned.  For these students, Theatre Laboratory requirements can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • A three-hour block as a crew member in an area different from the area of pay.
  • As supervisor of a crew for three hours in the paid area, but separate from the paid hours.

What about my outside job?
Theatre Laboratory is a class and must be scheduled like all classes.  Outside working hours should be scheduled around it.

What about my double major?
Theatre Laboratory is a required class and must be scheduled like all your classes.  Set the assignments for your second major around these requirements.

What are my Crew Assignment choices?
Scene Shop, Publicity, Costume Shop, Equipment Repair, Properties Construction, Box Office, Sound Crew,  House Management, Paint Crew, Lighting Crew,
Assistant to the Technical Director.

In addition to the three-hour block of time required each week to fulfill Theatre Laboratory course specifications, each student will experience the start-to-finish process on a show as part of the class requirements of TH 261 (Costume Technology), TH 267 (Scene Technology), and TH 268 (Lighting Technology).

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