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Applying to the Theatre Program

Admission into any Theatre Arts degree program follows acceptance into Central Washington University from an accredited secondary school program, community college or four-year institution of higher learning.

Community College transfer students are encouraged to meet with the department at the end of their first year of college study to discuss transfer options into the various programs offered at CWU.

Admission to the BFA is by audition/interview only.

Pre-admission requirements have been remove by the faculty.  Pre-admission requirements listed in the current catalog will be waived. 

To apply, complete the application above and arrange a meeting with the department chair by contacting the Theatre office staff at this link or calling 509-963-1750

The minor is obtained by completing 30 hours of theatre courses as outlined in the catalog listing. Minors must have the discipline to become very involved in the program so faculty members have an opportunity to work with the student in production.  Emphasis is placed on gaining the skills required for future employment, in and outside of the theatre.

The student should make an appointment with the department to meet with the department chair and declare their minor.

Applications to the Master of Arts program in Theatre are processed by the School of Graduate Studies.