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Apparel Design Minor

Why Complete an Apparel Design Minor at CWU?

  • Develop an interdisciplinary course of study to best suit your career goals
  • Branch out into other areas of interest while maintaining your major focus
  • Opportunity to broaden your study within the liberal arts environment

Catalog Description and Course Requirements

Ask a Apparel Design Specialist

A minor in apparel design is administered jointly by the Fashion Merchandising program and Theatre Arts Department. It is designed to enable students with career interests in this field to gain experience in the competency areas expected of apparel designers. This minor allows the student to learn to apply the basic principles of design and creativity in developing apparel. Students will study the application of artistic and creative design elements, selection and use of fabrics and textiles, and the techniques for transforming design concepts into garments in order to create a final saleable product for a target market.
Students apply for this minor in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences