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Afghan Women: A Stage Reading

Milo Smith Tower Theatre

Free General Admission

The heroine is an Afghan woman who had fled her homeland during that country's civil war, but now returns from the United States to found an orphanage. In the ensuing plot, a warlord fails as he attempts a coup. As he retreats, he tries to use the orphans as human shields, prompting the heroine to kill the warlord. She then inspires the warlord's vengeful son to make a different choice.


You may also be interested the companion piece, Nanawatai.  The story follows the struggle of a Soviet tank crew commanded by a tyrannical officer during the 1980’s invasion of Afghanistan. The crew is separated from its unit and pursued through the mountains by a band of Mujahadeen.
November 7-9 and 14-16 @7:30PM and November 17 @2PM

Event Type: 
Fine & Performing Arts

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