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Faculty Test Scanning Information

How to Have Your Scantron Tests Scored by Testing Services

Our Optical Mark Read Scanner will read #2 pencil only.

Marks should be dark and completely fill the circle (any stray marks or labeling along the margins will interfere with accurate reading of forms). 

Pick up enough blank scantron forms from Testing Services for your class.
Half Green (one sided, 80 questions, 5 options)
Full Green (two sides, 120 questions, 10 options)
Full Blue (two sides, 200 questions, 5 options)

Please do not send individual students to pick up single scantrons for your

Save one blank scantron of the same format (above) for your key. In the spaces for LAST NAME, label as KEY with CLASS  or TEST NAME. (ie., PSY 101 F12 Midterm).

Student must  WRITE IN THE LETTERS OF THEIR NAME and FILL IN THE CORRESPONDING CIRCLE FOR EACH LETTER and/or DO THE SAME FOR student ID#. Otherwise your reports will show a blank line for that student instead of a name or number. The TEST FORM CODE and SECTION fields can be used to differentiate between different tests and their key.

After you have sorted your scantrons they can be brought or sent to Testing Services for scanning. We ask that you fill out a Scantron Coversheet. We have copies available in our office or you can click here for a Word Document you can fill in electronically. If you use this version you will need to click on View, in the upper left corner, and choose Edit Document from the drop down menu. This should allow you to fill out the form electronically and print it. If you would prefer, we have a blank form you can print and fill out by hand located here.

Tests results are nearly always returned within 24 hours (except Fridays and during Finals). If you do not see the reports in your email by the close of the next day, please call and check with us @ 963-1868.

We have a standard set of six reports that we email out in a standard format as listed on the Test Coversheet. Other reports/formats are available by special request.

Deliver or mail the coversheet and test forms to Testing Services at Bouillon Room
125 or MS 7427 (Campus mail is the less timely method).

If you would like to learn more about Point Biserial Correlation please start here. An article about Cronbach's Alpha and Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 & Formula 21 can be found at Real Statistics using Excel.                           


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