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Testing Services

Accommodated Testing Services

Faculty click here for more information.


Information for Students:

Are you taking your test at Testing Services?

You must make an appointment.

There are 3 convenient ways to do this:

a) Schedule a Test link on the left side of the screen

b) email us at

c) or call us at 509-963-1847, 509-963-1868, or 509-963-1860.

If you do not make an appointment your test may be delayed and or your seat may not be available.  You will also be at the end of the line of everyone waiting to test.


You should send your professor a reminder email the day before your exam appointment.  "Dear Professor, I have an appointment at Testing Services on Friday, December  8th at 2 PM. I am in your 2 PM Phil 101 class. Their email is Thank you."

You must have a valid ID (connection card or valid Drivers License) with you.

Cell phones and other electronics and all your belongings must be stored in a designated location or don't bring them. 
This includes hats, wallets, watches, keys, backpacks, as well as cell phones and all other electronic devices.

Testing Services does its best to provide secure storage location for your belongings but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

There is no eating, drinking, use of tobacco products or electronics while in the Testing Center. Also please go lightly on scented products while in the Testing Center due to others' possible sensitivities.

Already registered with DS? If you would like To request testing taccommodations...

To send your professor an email requesting testing accommodations please go to the Disability Services webpage.  On the left side of the screen, under Quick Links click on Classroom Accommodation Request.  You will then login using your CWU username and password. Fill out the form and submit the request.

Additional information about this process is available on the Disability Services website in the center of  the screen under  the Welcome message.


Information for faculty:

Faculty must submit a proctor form with each exam. This form is available as a PDF.  (It is available as a Word document here).

 Proctor Form                                                                     

Once you have downloaded to form, you can save it, fill it out, and email it to Testing Services with your test at



Beginning Fall 2012, Testing Services took over one of the functions of  the Disability Services office. We are the test center for the University and we work hard to ensure that our test environment is as quiet and distraction free as we can make it and that test security is maintained. Students are not allowed to retain any of their personal possessions during the exam unless you state otherwise on your proctoring form. 

If your student has registered with DS and has been given accommodations for classroom exams and you are unable to provide those testing accommodations in your classroom or department,  then Testing Services is available to proctor those exams.  We are not part of Disability Services.



Disability Services (Located in Hogue 126, ext 2214) is the office which reviews the documentation for accommodations, you can read their policies and procedures on line. Your student should be sending you an electronic request via the DS website to let you know they will be requesting accommodations for your class. Testing Services can view the list of requested accommodations. We will apply their accommodations for time, etc. to the instructions you have supplied on the proctor form.  We can also enlarge a test and have some reader software that will work with .docx or pdf.  If your test needs to be translated into braille please send it to as soon as it is available.

Our office hours are from 8-5 pm Monday through Friday.  Mondays and occasionally  Fridays have limited seats due to a fixed schedule in our testing room for the GRE, MCAT, and TOEFL. Over the past summer we made a few changes to our office space to better suit our new clientele.

You may deliver your exams to the Testing Center  the following ways:
Via an email to
Hand carry to 125 Bouillon during office hours.

Please make sure to use the correct email address.  If you send your test to anyone in Disability Services it does not come to our office. Appointments are required. You must include a completed proctor form with each test.  We use this form as a tracking tool for each test and it also gives us all the information we need to correctly proctor your test.
You can actually save this form on your desktop, update it for each exam or student then attach it to your email along with each exam, test or quiz. Be specific as to day and time for the exam. If sending tests for multiple students you may include all the names on one proctor form. We will duplicate exams and proctor forms when more than one student is taking the test.

You may send inquiries regarding Accommodated Testing to or call 963-1847.