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The first STEM Teaching class, STP201 (2cr), is open to any CWU student. You work with a team of students to teach STEM in a real classroom. Register for STP201 today or contact us to learn more!

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Rachel George

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STEM Teaching Program at a Glance

The STEM Teaching Program is an innovative collaboration between sciences and education that supports students seeking teaching certification in science and mathematics fields. Pathways exist for first/second year students, third year/transfer students, and postbacs that already have an undergraduate degree.

The STEM Teaching Program uniquely supports students. As a student, you are eligible for STEM Teaching Program-specific scholarships and internships. You will immediately apply what you learn by practicing in real classrooms from your first course throughout the entire program. Strong partnerships with K-12 education will continue to support you after you graduate.

Students seeking teaching certification and endorsement through the STEM Teaching Program complete an approved science, mathematics or computer science degree and the STEM Teaching Program Major.

Teacher certification information may be found by contacting Central's Teaching Certification Office, 509-963-2660.

Endorsements served by the STEM Teaching Program and approved Major degrees

Endorsement Approved Major Degrees Major Department
Biology (5-12) Biology Majors, BA & BS options Biological Sciences
Chemistry (5-12) Chemistry Majors, BA & BS options Chemistry

Earth and Space Science (5-12)

Geology Majors, BA & BS options

Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Geology Specialization

Geological Sciences
Mathematics (5-12) Mathematics: Secondary Education, BA; Mathematics, BS option; Applied Mathematics, BS Mathematics
Physics (5-12) Physics Majors, BA & BS options Physics
Middle Level Math (4-9) Mathematics: Middle Level Education, BA Mathematics
Middle Level Science (4-9) Science: Middle Level Education, BA Science and Math Education
Computer Science (5-12) Computer Science, BS Computer Science

STEM Teaching Program Major

Want to know more about each course? See course descriptions.