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Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


The UCC is charged by the Executive Board to advise the CTL director and the Advisory Council in the process of reviewing all new program and course changes designated within the unit that lead to endorsements. In the case of minor changes the CTL director may elect to approve a change without a committee meeting. All changes must be reported to the Advisory Council and shall be noted in the Council’s minutes, accordingly. All courses in the following endorsements are subject to review by this committee: Bilingual Education, Biology, Chemistry, Dance, Drama, Early Childhood Education, Earth Science, Elementary Education, English/Language Arts, English as a Second Language, Family & Consumer Science, Health/Fitness, History, Mathematics, Music, Middle Level: Math, Middle Level: Science, Physics, Reading, School Health Education, Spanish Teaching, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Technology Education, Traffic Safety, Visual Arts, and World Languages. Program and course reviews specifically examine coherence, consistency, and compliance with CTL’s conceptual framework, State WACs and standards, national standards, and NCATE standards.

Mark LaneFaculty RepresentativeCAH
Mark Oursland*Faculty RepresentativeCOTS
Keith SalyerFaculty RepresentativeEducation
Heidi Henschel PellettFaculty RepresentativeCEPS
 TBDTeacher Education PEAB RepresentativeCOTS
* = Chair of Committee


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