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College of Education and Professional Studies

Teaching the Highly Capable

The Highly Capable Minor and Add-On Endorsement is designed for students and certified teachers who are seeking additional endorsement in working with highly capable (gifted and talented) students in the P – 12 educational system.  While this minor/endorsement qualifies for a Washington State add-on endorsement that can be attached to an existing Washington State Teaching certificate.

Program Highlights

  • Specialize in planning, instruction and assessment of gifted learners from Pre-K - grade 12
  • Obtain a Washington State add-on endorsement in Highly Capable Learners
  • Engage in interactive 100% online coursework
  • Learn from highly experienced faculty who work with highly capable learners in Washington public schools
  • Develop skills to create positive and productive learning environments that cognatively stimulate gifted learners in inclusive or stand alone classrooms
  • Acquire skills to design group and individual learning experiences for gifted learners
  • Understand the cognitive, social and emotional needs of gifted learners in order to mentor the whole child and collaborate with grade level teams and families
  • Explore project-based learning to stimulate gifted learners' creativity, intellectural inquiry

Advising & Admissions

Program Eligibility and Requirements 

  • Teacher Education candidates seeking a primary initial endorsement (i.e. Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education) that requires a minor can add the Highly Capable minor to complete the BA in Education degree. However, the candidate will not be eligible for the Highly Capable endorsement until the initial teaching certificate has been awarded.
  • Practicing teachers and teacher education candidates at K-12 levels can add this minor to develop a broader spectrum of developmental understanding and strategies for working with highly gifted and talented learners.
  • Teacher Education candidates in the Highly Capable minor or endorsement program must be admitted to Teacher Certification Program OR currently hold a valid teaching certificate to be accepted into this program.
  • Declare a major and the minor. 
  • Simultaneously complete the 2019-2020 Elementary Education Program or the Professional Education Program.
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher for the last 45 credits.
  • Earn a minimum grade of “C” in all required major, minor, and Professional Education Program courses.
  • Obtain proof you have purchased a minimum of $1 million liability insurance. Insurance can be purchased through CWU for $7.12 by completing the Professional Liability Insurance Enrollment Form.
  • Obtain valid WSPI/FBI fingerprint clearance and maintain it throughout the program (valid for only 2 years).
    • You may obtain WSPI/FBI fingerprints at the CWU School of Education (SOE) Office, Black Hall 127, or your local Educational Service District (ESD).
    • To schedule an appointment at either:

Program Coursework

EDEL 401Foundations & Philosophy for Teaching Highly Capable Learners2
EDEL 405Societal and Cultural Perceptions of Giftedness3
EDEL 410Identification & Assessment of Highly Capable Learners2
EDEL 415Learning Environments for Highly Capable Learners3
EDEL 425Curriculum Development & Modification for Highly Capable Learners3
EDEL 430Individual Development of Highly Capable Learners3
EDEL 435Introduction to Project-Based Learning2
EDEL 450Planning and Instruction I:  Highly Capable Learners3
EDEL  455Planning and Instruction II:  Highly Capable Learners3
EDEL  493Professional Educator’s Clinical Experience (see advisor)6
 Total Credits..................................................................................................30

Sample Graduation Plan

Sophomore Year



Quarter 1



EDEL 401 – Foundations & Philosophy for Teaching Highly Capable Learners   (2)

Total Credits                        2

Junior Year

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

EDEL 405  Societal and Cultural Perceptions of Giftedness                           (3)

EDEL 410 - Identification & Assessment of Highly Capable Learners            (2)

Total Credits                     (5)

EDEL 415 - Learning Environments for Highly Capable Learners               (3)

EDEL 425 – Curriculum Dev. & Modification for Highly Capable Learners              (3)

Total Credits                       (6)

EDEL 430 – Individual Dev. of HC Learners                      (3)

EDEL 435 – Introduction to Project-Based Learning       (2)

Total Credits                       (5)

Senior Year

Quarter 4

Quarter 5

Quarter 6

EDEL 450 -  Planning & Instruction I: HCL             (3)

EDEL 493 – Professional Educator’s Clinical Experience                    (3)

Total Credits*                 (6)

EDEL 455 - Planning & Instruction II: HCL           (3)

EDEL 493 – Professional Educator’s Clinical Experience                    (3)

Total Credits*              (6)


Students in this minor/endorsement plan are required to have a minimum of 6 credits in EDEL 493.  

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