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Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning

College of Education and Professional Studies

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Minor

This minor satisfies the endorsement for English as a second language. This minor prepares students to teach in classrooms where second language students are enrolled. While the bilingual/TESL minor leads to a bilingual education endorsement, the TESL minor leads to the English Language Learners endorsement. Students must complete, or have already completed, one year of study in a world or second language or the equivalent (at either the high school or university level).

Full admission into the Professional Education Program is required before enrollment in any of the EDBL courses.

EDBL 492 requires that four (4) required program courses be completed before enrollment.

Required Courses
EDBL 312, Foundations in Bilingual Education3
EDBL 318, Culture and Curriculum3

EDBL 430, Sheltering Instruction for Linguistically

Diverse Students
EDBL 433, Educational Linguistics3
EDBL 438, Teaching English as a Second Language3
EDBL 439, Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Students3
EDBL 440, Development of Literact with Linguistically Diverse Students3
EDBL 492, Practicum (1-15) (Four EDBL courses must be completed before EDBL 492 admission)3
Program approved electives3
Total Credits



Tentative Course Schedule (Verify with Advisor).


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