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The State of Washington has (through the promulgation of WACs 180-78A-065 (3), 180-78A-140, and 180-78A-145) mandated that state funded universities create professional education advisory boards (PEABs). These boards advise, review, and make recommendations regarding the development, implementation, and revision of programs for the preparation of elementary, middle level and secondary school personnel. The programs of Teacher Preparation, School Administrator and School Psychology each have a PEAB that follow bylaws, which govern the deliberation, decision-making and formalization of school-based personnel recommendations, which are submitted first to the Executive Board for consideration and dissemination.

Teacher Preparation Membership:
Kristine Cline
Denise Hogg
WEA½ or more of the voting members must be classroom teachers appointed by the Washington Education Association with the exception of one teacher who must be appointed by the Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS)
Jackie CharltonWFIS
Monty SabinAWSPAt least one principal appointed by the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)
Cece MahreWASAAt least one school administrator appointed by the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA)
Nancy Osier At least one educational staff associate (school counselor, school psychologist, school social worker, school nurse, school occupational therapist, school physical therapist, or school speech language pathologist or audiologist) appointed by the president of the individual's professional association
VACANTWAVAOne career and technical education teacher or program director appointed by the Washington Association of Vocational Administrators (WAVA) in cooperation with the college/university IF the college offers a career and technical education program. The individual must have expertise in one of the career and technical programs offered by the college/university.
Martha KurtzCWUAt least one college or university representative
Connie Lambert
Ian Loverro
Ginni Erion





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