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The State of Washington has (through the promulgation of WACs 180-78A-065 (3), 180-78A-140, and 180-78A-145) mandated that state funded universities create professional education advisory boards (PEABs). These boards advise, review, and make recommendations regarding the development, implementation, and revision of programs for the preparation of elementary, middle level and secondary school personnel. The programs of Teacher Preparation, School Administrator, School Counseling and School Psychology each have a PEAB that follow bylaws, which govern the deliberation, decision-making and formalization of school-based personnel recommendations, which are submitted first to the Executive Board for consideration and dissemination.

School Administrator Membership
Del Dykstra (Chair)
Mark Anderson
Kim Headrick
Heidi Mochel
Jim Pappas
Michelle Price
Chad Quigley
Dennis Szal
Henry Williams
Kelli York



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