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Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning

College of Education and Professional Studies

University Programs for Future Education Students

The College of Education and Professional Studies recognizes the need for our future educators and administrators to more closely reflect the demographic of their classrooms.

While 45 percent of the PK-12 students across America are students of color, only 17.5 percent of teachers are people of color (The National Center for Education Statistics, 2012).  We know this discrepancy needs to change, and Central has developed resources specifically to support under-represented students, including the following programs:

CAMP -  is the College Assistance Migrant Program. It is a special program offered at Central Washington University that provides Financial and Academic Support Services to freshman students from migrant and seasonal farm working backgrounds.

CAMP is designed to help students succeed as they begin their college careers. CAMP students are eligible for a variety of services, which include: financial support, academic assistance, career planning services, and cultural enrichment opportunities.

TRIO - is a federally funded program designed to increase the retention and graduation rates for low-income, first generation and students who qualify for disability support. The program facilitates for an effective adjustment for qualified students through advising, tutoring and study skills instruction in order to meet their needs and improve their academic, social, and personal success.

GOAL:  Our goal is to ensure students stay in college and graduate by providing academic and personal support for any challenges which may prevent their success.

Bridges - The Bridges Project is a grant-funded mentoring program through Central Washington University designed to inspire at-risk youth to pursue their dreams through higher education. Bridges promotes the development of underrepresented and underprivileged boys and girls by instilling a sense of accomplishment, belonging and hope through educational programs and mentoring.  Bridges sends CWU students to school districts across the state to mentor middle and high school students, to let youth know that someone does care, and that their futures do matter.

Bridges Mission - To empower youth, especially those underrepresented and underprivileged, to reach their potential as dynamic, compassionate, and responsible individuals through education. 

STARStudent Transitions and Academic Resources (STAR) is an intensive academic support program that assists academically-at-risk students complete transitions into, through, and out of the university, develop academic study skills and responsibility for learning, and achieve their educational goals.

To promote the academic success, retention, and graduation of its students, the STAR program provides intensive, individualized academic advising, personal, career, and financial aid counseling, tutoring, peer mentoring, advocacy, and conflict resolution coaching, and appropriate referrals for students needing further assistance in resolving concerns and achieving their academic goals.

Targeted ScholarshipsStudents can view a full list of scholarships available through the General Scholarship Application (GSA) on our website.  Applicants that have trouble uploading documents as a PDF can submit any supplemental materials to the Scholarship Office in Barge 103.

Renton Teacher AcademyThe Renton Teacher Academy was established as the result of a collaborative effort between Renton School District, Central Washington University (CWU), and the Professional Educator Standards Board.  This is a model program aimed at recruiting and supporting students of color in becoming high quality educators in high need content areas: science, technology, mathematics, English as a Second Language, and special education.

Compass to Campus - Coming Soon

Center for Diversity and Social JusticeI envision Central Washington University as a diverse, student-centered school where we pride ourselves on building the lives of our students. Our goal is to ensure that students get the best education possible while having a truly remarkable college experience.

We must be collectively and individually committed to creating a university that treasures differences and provides opportunities for all to learn. ~ James L. Gaudino, President CWU


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