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Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning

College of Education and Professional Studies

Post-Baccalaureate University Certificate: Teaching and Linguistic Diversity

Students entering the public school setting speaking little or no English are the fastest-growing segment of the school population. Most mainstream teachers have received little or no special training in preparing them for these students. This program will provide the opportunity for practicing teachers to receive this needed training. This training will take place through the development and implementation of four courses. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to explain how programs have come to exist as they are found today, document the theories upon which sound educational practices are based, develop and implement quality instruction, organize and use appropriate assessment procedures, and use paraprofessional and community members as quality assets in the classroom. While the program itself does not constitute a state of Washington endorsement, all courses may be applied to the completion of endorsement requirements at Central.

Required Courses

EDBL 440 - Reading English as a second Language Credits: (3)

EDBL 514 - Introduction to Linguistic Diversity in Education Credits: (3)

EDBL 530 - Sheltering in Mainstream I: Methods Credits: (3)

EDBL 531 - Sheltering in Mainstream II: Assessment and Resources Credits: (3)

Total Credits: 12

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