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Post and Submit an Assignment via the Documents Tab

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Make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser when working in LiveText. Other web browsers tend to have issues with compatibility. Downloading Firefox is easy and completely free. Simply go to and download the program from their website.



  1. On the Documents Tab click on your Professional Education Program Portfolio (or whichever program/class portfolio you need for the particular assignment).

  2. Under the Table of Contents (left or right banner) click on the class you need to submit an assignment for (e.g., EFC 330).

  3. The page for the Course will open. After the description there are sections for the artifacts required for the assignments for that course.
  4. Click the Edit Button to the right of the section you wish to edit (the section for the assignment artifact)..

  5. The Section Editor page will open. Your instructor will indicate whether you should attach documents or if you should copy and paste your text into the text editor box..

  6. To Copy and Paste, (1) highlight and delete the instructions provided in the Editor Box. (2) Copy and paste your assignment from a Word document into the edit box. (Use keyboard shortcuts: “Control C” to copy and “Control V” to paste). For copying/pasting on a Mac, use the “Apple” button instead of the “Control” button.

    NOTE: In LiveText you cannot use the mouse to right click for copy and paste.
  7. To attach a document, click on Edit under File Attachment.

  8. If the file you need to attach is not listed click Upload New File.

  9. Click on Browse and locate the file. Click on the file name and then “Open” on the File Upload screen.
  10. Once uploaded the file name will show as Inserted File(s) and Completed.
  11. Click Save & Finish.

  12. Click on the Dashboard Tab.
  13. Scroll down to the appropriate assignment and click on the red Begin Assignment button.

  14. Go to Step 2 and click on Attach Files

  15. Click on the LiveText Documents Tab in the Attach Files window.
  16. Check the Box next to the Portfolio where you just added your assignment.
  17. Click the green Attach Selected Files button.

  18. Verify the Portfolio you need is attached and then click the red Submit Assignment button.

  19. The Confirmation Screen shows that you have Submitted the Assignment and the Attached Files.

If you need further assistance, feel free to stop by the help desk in Black Hall 231, give us a call at 509-963-1671, email us at , or visit our resource page at

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