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Diversity Efforts

CTL Spotlight: Different Knowings

In the spirit of Government to Government relationships, Central Washington University, through its Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), has undertaken a set of initiatives to transform itself through the provision of cultural competence development opportunities for faculty, administrators and staff. It is our hope that these opportunities will lead to enhanced valuing and understanding of, and collaboration and cooperation with, community and student populations that CWU aspires to effectively and effectively serve.

The Kittitas Valley and what is now Ellensburg, WA, have been a traditional “gathering place” for intergroup and intercultural exchanges. To that end, we have titled our series of opportunities: Different Knowings. In doing so, we ask our invited speakers/leaders to challenge us and provide guidance as we struggle with the question, “How can we transform ourselves, our institution, and content areas to effectively and effectively respond to and integrate different ways of knowing and different knowledges?

Feel free to check out some of the supplemental readings below (PDF documents)


Diversity CTL Efforts
Advanced Diversity Proficiency Survey ( 2009 )  & Results ( 2009 ) 
Diversity Matrix Guidelines  & Diversity Matrix Template (docx)
Action Oriented Programs (2008)
Verizon Grant & Teacher Recruitment in Washington State ( Summer 2009 )
TQP Grant Proposal for Diversity Effort ( 2009 )
Heeding The Call to Action (2004)
Ethnic Diversity in the Elementary Education Cohorts at CWU's West Side Centers.
State of Washington School Personnel Demographics 
Teacher Demographics for WA State 
Recruitment Retention Recommendations: Assessment Data 
Infusing Cultural Competence Into the Professional Sequence 
Establishment of the Institute for the Study and Development of Culturally Responsive/Relevant Education 
Diversity is Central ( August 2009 ) 
Candidate Diversity Data Professional Education/Other School Personnel, Institution, Geographic Area ( Initial & Advanced ) 
CTL Professional Development (Tribal Sovereignty Workshop) 1/13
Interim Report on Different Ways of Knowing 2013
WA State Education: Diversity Resources and Reports
Native American Education 101 
Nine Virtues Yakama Nation
Building a Sovereignty Curriculum A Conversation with Denny Hurtado (Skokomish)
The Coolangatta Statement
Democracy & Diversity
Diversity with Unity
ILO Convention on Indigenous & Tribal Peoples
Epistemic Ignorance and The (Im)Possible Gift (Kuokkanen)
Learning In & Out of School in Diverse Environments 
Meriam Report Education Section
Declaration of the Rights of the Child
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples
Achievement GAP Reports & Summaries
Achievement Gap Task forces: Summary of Recommendations 
A Plan to Close the Achievement Gap for African American Students 
Asian Americans In Washington State: Closing Their Hidden Achievement Gaps 
Why Some Schools With Latino Children Beat The Odds & Others Don’t 
Understanding Opportunities to Learn for Latino Students in WA  & (Executive Summary)
Addressing the Educational Achievement of Native Americans in WA  & (Executive Summary) & (Snapshot Executive Summary)
Growing Presence, Emerging Voices: Pacific Islanders and Academic Achievement in WA
Think Tank Reports
A Strategic Action Plan for Education of Asian/Pacific Islander American Students in WA
Responsibilities of Culturally Proficient School Leaders Roles 
Washington State Education Plan for Hispanic Youth (PK-20) 
Proposed Standards for Culturally-Responsive Schools: Indian Education Plan for WA
Low SocioEconomic Think Tank Strategic Plan 


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