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Middle Level Humanities

The Middle Level Humanities Teaching Major is designed for students who are seeking teaching careers in English Language Arts and Social Studies (Economics, History, Geography, Social Studies and Civics) at the middle level grades (5-8). 

The coursework provides experiences in the humanities subject content areas and instructional pedagogy including field experiences that are designed to prepare teacher education candidates to exceed the Washington State competencies for middle level teacher certification and content endorsement. 

The Middle Level Humanities Teaching Major does not require a minor for the degree program.  Students in the Middle Level Humanities Teaching Major must be admitted to the Teacher Certification Program and complete the Professional Education Program sequence (50 credits) coursework as part of the teacher certification process.

This major is only available at the Ellensburg campus.

Required Courses:

EDEL 476 Integrated Humanities at the Middle

  • HIST 101 World Civilization to 15005
  • HIST 143 United States History to 18655
  • HIST 301 Pacific Northwest History5
    • Select one (1) from the following:5
    • GEOG 101 World Regional Geography (5)
    • GEOG 108 Human Geography (5)
    • Select one (1) from the following:5
    • ECON 101 Economic Issues (5)
    • ECON 102 World Economics (5)
    • ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics (5)
    • ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (5)
  • POSC 210 American Politics5
  • Select from the following10
    • Upper Division World History to 1600 (5)
    • Upper Division United States History to 1900 (5)
  • ENG 247 Multicultural Literature5
  • ENG 249 Teaching Writing in the Middle School5
  • ENG 320 English Grammar5
  • ENG 488 Teaching Portfolio2
  • ENG 492 Practicum3
  • EDLT 324 Literacy Across the Curriculum3
  • Level Grades5
  • EDEL 477 Middle Level Students & Their Environment4
  • EDEL 478 Developmentally Responsive Curriculum
  • in the Middle Grades3
    • EDEL 492 Practicum (1-15)3
    • Total for the ML Humanities Teaching Major78

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