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Graduate Programs Committee


The GPC is charged by the Executive Board to advise the CTL director in the process of reviewing all new program and course changes designated within graduate program offerings that lead to endorsements. In the case of minor changes, the CTL director may elect to approve a change without a committee meeting. All changes must be reported to the Advisory Council as well as the Graduate Council and shall be noted in the Advisory Council’s minutes, accordingly. All courses in the following programs are subject to review by the GPC: Master Teacher, General Administration Option, General Administration with a Bilingual Education Specialization, Library Media, Initial Principal’s Certificate, Initial Program Administrator, Supervisor and Curriculum Certificate, Initial Program Administrator Special Education, Reading Specialist, Special Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Teaching, Individual Studies Program-Master of Education, Mathematics, Music Education, Health, Human Performance and Recreation, School Counseling, School Psychology, Science Education, Theatre Production and Professional Development Courses. Program and course reviews specifically examine coherence, consistency and compliance with CTL’s conceptual framework, State WAC’s and standards, national standards, and NCATE standards.

Kirk Mathias*Graduate Faculty RepresentativeCEPS
Bret SmithGraduate Faculty RepresentativeCAH
Heath MarrsGraduate Faculty RepresentativeCOTS
Susana FloresGraduate Faculty RepresentativeCEPS
* = Chair of Committee



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