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Center for Teaching and Learning

General Information

What is LiveText? Printer-Friendly Version (PDF)

  • LiveText is a Web-based subscription that allows users to create and submit projects and assignments on-line. You may wish to visit the LiveText web site to learn more.
  • It allows creation and long-term storage of electronic portfolios, projects, and documents.
  • LiveText allows faculty to assess student work and give students feedback online.
  • It allows the Center for Teaching and Learning to collect and aggregate data for program evaluation and improvement.

Minimum Requirements to use LiveText:

  • You will need Internet access (dial-up will work, but of course high-speed is faster).
  • You will need to purchase a license to use LiveText. There is no software to install for LiveText as it is a web-based application.
  • LiveText recommends the following Internet browsers by operating system in order of preference:

For Windows 98 SR2, 2000, NT, Me, and XP
Use: Firefox 1.0 or greater

For Mac OS 10.2 and Mac OS 10.3
Use: Firefox 1.0 or greater