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Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning

College of Education and Professional Studies

Elementary Electives

For the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 catalog years.

The following courses are recommended electives for the Elementary Education major in order to provide students with a strong pedagogical foundation.

EDBL 312Foundations in Bilingual Education3None
EDBL 438Teaching English as a Second Language3None
EDEC 292Assisting in the Child Centered Classroom5None
EDEC 331Child Development3None
EDEC 334 Curriculum K-33PSY 314
EDEC 421Play in Childhood3None
EDEC 448Parent Involvement3None
EDLT 410Teaching Word Recognition Skills3EDEL 308 and EDEL 309
EDLT 411Teaching Comprehension3EDEL 308 and EDEL 309
EDLT 412Assessment of Reading Skills3EDEL 308 and EDEL 309
EDLT 417Reading Readiness3None
EDLT 419Storytelling3None
EDSE 310Introduction to Special Education4Junior status or permission
EDSE 311Foundations in Special Education3EDSE 310
EDSE 410Behavior Management for Students with Disabilities3EDSE 311 is recommended
EDSE 411Assessment of Students with Disabilities4EDSE 311 is recommended
EDSE 460Collaboration with Parents,  Paraprofessionals, & Community Agencies3EDSE 311
HED 422Methods for Health Promotion4HED 101 and 230
MATH 425Problem-Solving Techniques in Math for Elementary School Teachers3MATH 164
PE 309Teaching Recreational Dance3None
PE 314Dance for Children3None
SCED 420Inquiry Activities for Elementary School Science3SCED 322
SOC 343Child Abuse4None
TH 313 Children’s Theater3TH 107 or permission
TH 384Puppetry3TH 166 or permission

Students may use no more than 3 credits of electives in the Elementary Education major that are not from courses listed above. An Elementary Education advisor must approve any courses you feel may be "equivalencies" for these courses.

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