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CWU Teacher Study Updates

We will update this page weekly or when news occurs!

Oct 4, 2013

Congratulations to a high school teacher from the Spokane School District who won our first Level I Wildcat Shop $40 gift certificate!  Each month every teacher who responds to a Level I survey will be put into a random drawing for another Wildcat Shop $40 gift certificate.  This certificate may be used to purchase anything at the Wildcat shop, either in person or online. 

The response to Level I surveys and Level II logs continues to be good and we are pleased that you believe this information is as important as we do.  

One of the questions that we seem to be receiving is what if I am absent on the day I am surveyed?  Please fill out a survey even if you are absent on the day you are chosen to survey.  Being absent is a normal part of the teaching year and therefore is valid to include in this study.  


Sept 20, 2013

We are excited about the response we are seeing from all of the participants in this important study.  

On October 2nd we will hold a drawing of those Level I participants who have submitted a daily survey for a $40 Wildcat Gift Card.  This gift card can be used in person or online for any Wildcat Gift shop item.   At the end of each month, we will hold a drawing for another $40 gift card to the Wildcat Gift shop drawn from all Level I participants who submit a survey reporting that days professional activities.  

Level I participants have submitted over 125 surveys providing data on their daily activities in the last 14 days.  We understand the chaos that can accompany the beginning of the school year and appreciate each and every one of our participants for sharing a few moments to support this study and provide important data on their daily professional activities.  

This week was the first week collecting Level II data.  All but a few of the tablets used in Level II have been delivered.  If you are tracking your activities for Level II please indicate both the activity and subtype when tracking.  We will be desegregating down to the subtype level and need the data tracked at this level.  

We are updating the FAQ's page with questions that we receive regarding the study.  If you have a question or would like more information on any portion of this study please review the FAQs page.  If you don't find an answer there please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Sept 13, 2013

The CWU Teacher Study has gotten underway and we are excited about the response, participation and level of engagement we are receiving from you!  

The first Level I surveys were sent out on Sept 3rd and in the first six days we had 65 surveys returned.  If you have not yet received your request to fill out the survey do not worry - The level 1 surveys are being sent out on a randomly selected date for a randomly selected group of teachers. As you can tell, RANDOM is the key to the validity of this study. CWU is determined to provide a statistical model which should greatly limit any criticism by others. As a result, we only send out between 12-15 surveys each day of the school year using surveying software that is rated as the very best.  Teachers receive the survey on their assigned date at 4:00 PM (2:30 on Fridays) and along with a message that explains which day's activities need to be reported. The survey takes about 3- 5 minutes to complete. You will receive a survey this fall, and one more in both the winter and spring. Because of the number of teachers that we have involved with this project, our model should actually predict (statistically with a 95% confidence +/-3) how a teacher’s day changes over the course of a year. 

We have made the random selection of the Level II participants and notified them asking if they are still interested in being involved at that level.  It is possible that we may need to replace one or more of these participants and would have to do another random selection.  If so, this will be occurring very soon.  

The first Level II data collection begins Monday Sept 16th.  The Microsoft Surface RT tablets to be used by Level II participants began shipping on Wednesday the 11th with the first deliveries occurring the next day.  We will continue to ship these tablets the week of the 16th to 21st loaded with study documents.

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CWU Teacher Study FAQ's Page

The study is designed and administered by the Center for Teaching and Learning in the College of Education and Professional Studies, Central Washington University.  Please direct all inquiries to

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