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CWU Teacher Study FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it too late to volunteer for the study?  No, if you were one of the randomly selected teachers who were contacted by us to participate in the study you may still join.  Please email for more information.  
  2. My friend would like to participate - can they join?  Not unless they were also initially randomly selected to participate.  To maintain the integrity of the study all participants were randomly selected from all 56,000 Washington Public School Teachers.  We are hopeful that this is only the first of several studies in which data will support those currently in the profession and the candidates that will soon join them.  
  3. Why can't anyone who wants to participate in this study do so?  Due to the study design and random selection of the participants, statistically the study should have very high validity and reliability.  When the study is completed, our results should stand up to any statistical scrutiny.
  4. How often are the surveys administered?  Level I participants will be randomly assigned one day, three times over the course of this school year (once in the fall, winter & spring) to fill out a survey on that day's activities.  Level II participants will be tracking their professional activities in a pre-designed log one week a month for a total of nine weeks or 45 days this school year.  
  5. How long does it take to fill out a survey?  Level I surveys average 3 to 5 minutes per participant.  Level II logs average 15 minutes a day.  
  6. How many surveys are being administered each day?  For Level I there are 12 to 15 participants filling out a survey each day.  For Level II there are ten teachers tracking their daily activities each week of the school year.
  7. When did data collection start?  The first Level I surveys were administered on Sept 3, 2013 and will continue at the rate of 12 to 15 a day through June 13, 2014.  The first Level II weekly log tracking began on Sept 16th and will continue at the rate of 10 participants a week through May 2014.  
  8. How is the data collected? Level I data is collected through Qualtrics, an industry leading provider of secure, research, survey solutions who CWU uses for research projects.  Level II data is collected on a MS Excel spreadsheet custom designed for this study.  This Spreadsheet log will be emailed to participants and can be completed either on the provided Microsoft Surface RT tablet or on a desktop.  At the end of the week the Level II participant will email the survey back to the CWU Teacher Study Team.  

Level I

  1. I'm in Level I and I haven't received my survey yet - should I have?  Not necessarily.  In order for us to cover the entire school year, we send the survey to a group of randomly selected teachers in our study group. That means that on any given day in the year we are surveying 12 to 15 teachers across the state.  You may not be asked to complete a survey for a couple of months - or it might be tomorrow.  We send the survey out around 4:00 PM on the day that we need data.  
  2. Why is the survey sent at the end of the day I am tracking instead of before so I am prepared to track my time?  This is based on a scientific principle that says that you only collect data after an event in effort to not influence the outcomes of that event. As a result, you will not know when the survey will come until the afternoon of the day in which we need data. The message line will always say CWU TEACHER STUDY so that you will know it is from us.

Level II

  1. Should I track my activities as I go along during the day or at the end of the day?  We have designed the log so that you may do either - which ever you feel will provide the most accurate reflection of your day and is easiest for you to process during your day.  If you want to track as you go along, simply choose the start / end time drop down buttons and the time will automatically be recorded.  If you prefer to log all of your activities at the end of the day, you can enter the start and end times in the Time Started / Time Finished columns and the spreadsheet will figure the amount of time spent and tally it.  
  2. Do I need to use the SubTypes when recording my activities?  Yes, please use the SubTypes as we will be disaggregating data down to that level.  This will allow us the most complete view of a teachers day.


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The study is designed and administered by the Center for Teaching and Learning in the College of Education and Professional Studies, Central Washington University.  Please direct all inquiries to

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