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CWU Teacher Study

The Center for Teaching and Learning at Central Washington University is conducting a research study to better understand the daily activities of teachers in Washington public schools. The CWU Teacher Study will provide a better understanding of what it means to be a TEACHER and may help us in preparation of new teachers.

In an effort to provide an unbiased analysis of the many duties teachers perform, we have randomly selected 5000 Washington State Public School teachers for participation in the CWU Teacher Study from the nearly 56,000 teachers currently educating K-12 students in Washington State.

There are three levels in which randomly drawn volunteers provide us with data:

  • Level I: Participants will be asked to complete three online surveys during the year (one each in fall, winter and spring) in which they will report their professional activities on a randomly assigned day. 
  • Level II: Participants who are randomly selected from Level I volunteers, will complete a pre-designed time log  tracking their professional activities for one randomly assigned week each month (Sept-May). Participants at this level will complete nine weekly logs over the course of the academic year for this study.

  • Level III: Participants from Level I & Level II may be asked to participate in an interview.  Project staff will conduct follow-up interviews, either on the phone or through Skype, that consist of questions based on the findings from Level I and Level II of this study.  Level III is completely voluntary.

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General Information on the Study:

Represented in the study#
School Districts 159
High Schools 272
Middle Schools 223
Elementary Schools 372
Urban areascoming soon
Suburban areascoming soon
Rural areascoming soon


Professional activities being tracked:

  • Classroom planning or assessment
  • Direct contact time with students
  • Preparation for standardized state exams
  • Assigned building or district duties
  • Professional learning communities
  • Professional development
  • Communications with parents
  • Other

Please follow this link for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

The study is designed and administered by the Center for Teaching and Learning in the College of Education and Professional Studies, Central Washington University.  Please direct all inquiries to  


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