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Creating a Portfolio for LiveText Assignments

For every course in the Professional Education Program you will be posting artifacts in your Professional Education Program Portfolio. Even though it is possible to post your artifacts directly to the classes, it is important to post within the portfolio so that it remains part of your overall portfolio while you are in the Teacher Education Program. In addition, most majors and minors have their own portfolios. The steps are the same for creating those except that you select the appropriate program portfolio(s).

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Make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser when working in LiveText. Other web browsers tend to have issues with compatibility. Downloading Firefox is easy and completely free. Simply go to and download the program from their website.


To Create your Professional Education Program Portfolio:

  1. Log into your LiveText account at The first screen is your Dashboard.

  2. Open the Documents tab. You should now be on the My Work tab

  3. Click the New button. This will open a new page.

  4. For the Folders menu, open the drop down menu.

  5. Select Portfolios under the first category, Central Washington University.

    (When creating some other portfolios you may need to look in one of the Special Portfolios Categories.)
  6. For the Template menu open the drop down menu.

  7. Select Professional Education Program (NEW FALL 2011).

    (When creating a portfolio for your endorsement area or other programs select the appropriate portfolio name.)

  8. A new screen will appear with a Template Outline (table of contents) for the portfolio on the right.

  9. For the Title, type in Professional Education Program Portfolio. You may add your name, initials, or date as further identification

  10. Click the green Save as New Document button. The Portfolio will open.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Professional Education Program portfolio. Now you can post and submit your assignments. To post means to enter your content into the portfolio. To submit means to complete the process of sending it to your instructor. You can save it and work on it as long as you like with as many visits as you like until you submit it. Once submitted you cannot edit it anymore. To do so, you may have to ask your instructor to reset your artifact for resubmission.

If you need further assistance, feel free to stop by the CWU LiveText Help Desk in Black Hall 231, call us at 509-963-1671, email us, or visit our resource page at

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