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Complete and Submit Assignment for Course Field Experience Form

PESB and OSPI now require Colleges of Education to track and provide data on ALL field experiences in which teaching candidates participate. The Field Experience Form Report in LiveText is designed to be an easy way for CWU students to submit that information. A SEPARATE FORM needs to be completed FOR EACH MENTOR TEACHER FOR EACH CLASS in which a student has a field experience whether or not he/she is submitting any other artifact for the course.

Make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser when working in LiveText. Other web browsers tend to have issues with compatibility. Downloading Firefox is easy and completely free. Simply go to and download the program from their website.

Process 1 - Complete, Submit, and Print the Form

  1. On the Forms Tab in your LiveText Inbox locate the form named Course Field Experience.
  2. Click on Take Form or Take Again as necessary.

  3. Complete and submit a SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL MENTOR TEACHER you worked with in a course. If you had more than one mentor teacher in any one class, click on the Take again in order to submit additional forms.

  4. As you submit each form, click on Create a Printable Version. Click on Print.

  5. Select Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer as your printer and click OK.

  6. Save the PDF or XPS with the course prefix, course number, and "CFEF" (i.e. EFC330CFEF). Add -1, -2, -3, etc. if there is more than one mentor teacher for the same course prefix and number.

  7. Once you have saved the file(s), close the Firefox tab that opened with the "Print" command (see picture 2 under step 4.)
  8. Follow the procedures on pages 4-6 for submitting an assignment not in the portfolio and attach the PDF file(s) as your artifact(s) for your assignment.

Process 2 - Submit PDF or XPS file for the assignment.

  1. On the Dashboard Tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Field Experience Form Report assignment and click on the red Begin Assignment button.

  3. Step 1: Read the Assignment Details and Instructions. Step 2: Click on Attach Files

  4. Click on the Upload New File in the Attach Files window.
  5. Browse for the file(s) you just created to be attached, click on the file name and then Open on the File Upload screen. Repeat for any additional Field Experience Form Reports.
  6. Once the file(s) have been uploaded, click the green Attach Selected Files button.

  7. When the file name(s) show as Attached Files. Click the red Submit Assignment button at the bottom of the page.

  8. The Confirmation Screen shows that you have Submitted the Assignment and the Attached Files.


If you need further assistance, feel free to stop by the CWU LiveText Help Desk in Black Hall 231, give us a call at 509-963-1671, email us at, or visit our resource pages at

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