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Checking Your LiveText Roster Beginning of Quarter

At the beginning of each quarter, please log in to your account and check for all of the following.

If you are the coordinator/director of a program that has off-campus adjuncts who are not listed as CTL faculty, please forward these instructions to your instructors.

  1. The log in takes you to the Dashboard tab.
    If you still get the old version of LiveText home page, you need to update your profile to include your CWU Faculty ID number and an email address. Instructions for updating your profile will be on the site or you can call the LiveText Support Team at 509-963-1671 to walk you through the process.
  2. All courses and sections you are teaching are shown.
    If an assignment has been linked to your class, the course/assignments will be on your Dashboard.
    Classes that do not have an active LiveText assignment will be listed in the right-hand column. If classes are shown in error (you do not teach them at all) or not shown that should be, please let me know. There will be courses shown with no enrollment for certain types of classes that have placeholders in the Registrar’s Office. These could be an Individual Study, Thesis advising, Cooperative Education, or similar classes.
  3. The students listed for your class are correct.
    1. Student’s name in Black
      Enrolled in the class
      Has an active LiveText account
    2. Student’s name in Red
      Enrolled in the class
      Either has not purchased LiveText
      Or needs to update profile for CWU Student ID number.
    3. Student’s name in Gray
      No longer enrolled in your class

      LiveText listing compared to Safari listing
      1. Students attending your class from a wait list need to make sure an Add/Drop has been processed for admission. If they are not on your Safari list, they have not been admitted through the Registrar’s Office
      2. Students who dropped your class during the Change of Schedule period will still show as active on your LiveText roster.
        Please let me know who these students are so I can check their status from the query and clear/inactivate them.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these items.

Stephanie Harris

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