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Assessment Committee


The Assessment Committee is charged by the Executive Board to develop an assessment system and data collection processes that contextually reflect the conceptual framework. The purpose of which, is to systematically collect data, which when analyzed will evaluate CTL's performances relative to PESB Standards. The Committee is also charged with examining the assessment system's efficacy and recommending modifications when necessary.

Connie Lambert*Director: CTLCEPS
Jim Depaepe*Director: OREACEPS
Ian LoverroLiveText RepresentativeCEPS
Pellet TracyAssociate VP for Undergraduate Studies 
Ian QuitadamoContent Area Faculty RepresentativeCOTS
Crystal WeddingtonTeacher Certification Program Support SupervisorCEPS
Henry WilliamsEducation Faculty RepresentativeCEPS
*= Chair of Committee



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2012February 23rdPDF
2010December 8thPDF
2010March 4thPDF
2009March 5thPDF
2008December 9thPDF
2008March 5thPDF
2008February 20thPDF
2008February 6thPDF
2007October 22ndPDF


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