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Assess an Assignment

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Make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser when working in LiveText. Other web browsers tend to have issues with compatibility. Downloading Firefox is easy and completely free. Simply go to and download the program from their website.


  1. Log into your LiveText account at The first screen is your Dashboard.
  2. If you have not cleaned up your Dashboard, select the appropriate quarter to make sure you have the correct section to assess. Click on View Other Terms.

  3. From the Drop-Down Menu select the quarter to assess and then click on View Selected Term.

  4. Click the Assignment Progress Bar that corresponds with the assignment to be assessed.

  5. Click on the Name of the Student to be assessed.

  6. The Portfolio that the student attached will be listed as the artifact and also show on the screen.
  7. Click on the Appropriate Section (i.e. course/standard) for the Assignment in the portfolio.

  8. The Artifact being submitted for the assignment will show as an attachment to the portfolio.

  9. Click on the Assessment Rubric button to open it. The rubric can be Undocked in order to move it on your screen and/or resize it.

  10. Click in the appropriate Rubric Boxes to assess the various elements.
  11. Close the rubric.

  12. Add any Comments or Grades you wish to and then click on Submit Assessment.

  13. The Assessed Student will now be listed in the green column showing that the Assessment is Complete.

  14. Repeat these steps for each of the students in the class.

If you need further assistance, feel free to stop by the CWU LiveText Help Desk in Black Hall 231, call us at 509-963-1671, email us, or visit our resource page at

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